PASSADA Development

PASSADA Development supports the system by providing a range of development services, including technical support for agronomic extension services, policy and advocacy, leadership, management and other training programmes, institutional development, adult literacy programmes, monitoring and evaluation, communications (radio, video and publications) and community development programmes, covering such areas as food and nutrition security, HIV/AIDS, gender and child labour.

PASSADA Development oversees the financing of development support, ensuring appropriate application of donor funds and grant-making and monitoring. PASSADA Development works with associations and IPCs, through the Operations Director, to develop and refine a national response to collective Innovation and Productivity Programme needs. It will play an increasingly important role in positioning PASSADA Programmes with development partners, identifying sources of funding and reporting on results.

PASSADA Development operates separate accounting systems and charts of accounts which are appropriate to an entity handling donor resources and provide the ability to give consolidated financial reports and to show each donor how its funds have been utilised and with what result.

PASSADA Development is headed by the Development Director, who oversees five departmental managers respectively covering Farm Services, Programmes and Policy, Training, Community Development, and Monitoring, Evaluation and Communications. They are supported by twelve offices (5 in farm services, 2 in M&E, 2 in communications, 1 in training, 2 in policy).